Rob offers different types of tours and services that will cater for everyone.  Whether it be leisurely drive around the North East of Tasmania, playing Golf, sampling wine or a fishing charter on Flinders Island, Rob has got you covered.



North East Tasmania

With Rob living on the North East corner of Tasmania for the last 25+ years, he knows many of the locals and the places of interest.


The North East of Tasmania is filled with beautiful scenery, activities and tourist hot spots.  From the tree carvings at Ledgerwood to the world renowned Barbougle Dunes, North East Tasmania is that little bit of paradise that you are looking for with out the husstle.


Why not get in contact with Rob and get him to organise a mystery tour of the North East ensuring that you see the best of what Tasmania has to offer.

Flinders Island

Flinders Island is one of Rob's personal holiday destinations and now, he would like to share what Flinders Island has to offer.


With great fishing, bushwalking, beaches and a fantastic local community, Flinders Island has a bit of everything served up in a modest and humble fashion.


Send Rob a message now and find out what Flinders Island has to offer you as you will get an experience that not even many Tasmanians get to enjoy.

Wine Tours


The North East of Tasmania has been made known around the world for its outstanding wines that come out of the region.


Most noteably would be the Piper's Brook Vineyard which has multiple awards for its wines.  But why stop at one vineyard when Rob knows where they all are?


If you want a fantastic day out, then get Rob to drive you around so that you can indulge yourself with some of the best wines in the world and have a day that you will never forget. 

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